Written by Brigit Pegeen Kelly
Illustrated by Briony Morrow-Cribbs
Published by Heavenly Monkey • 2007

Iskandariya was my first officially published book. While in college at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, BC, I met Rollin Milroy, an incredibly talented writer/bookbinder/publisher. After meeting, we decided to somehow do a collaboration together. About a year later I found Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s poem, Iskandariya, in the New York Times. Brigit agreed to work with us and the collaboration began. The specifics of the book (from

The text was set by hand in 18-pt Perpetua italic. It was printed damp on HM Text handmade paper, which Reg Lissel tinted to match the kitakata on which the aquatints were printed. Each spread of text pages is separated by a folded sheet of kitakata, with an aquatint facing each page of text. There also is an aquatint frontis, printed on HM Text paper. The letterpress was completed at the Heavenly Monkey studio; the aquatints were pulled by the artist in her studio on Whidbey Is, WA. The book was sewn into a non-adhesive structure by Claudia Cohen, with a fully etched dustjacket (13 x 18 inches, folded to fit the book) printed by the artist on sekishu.

For more information on the edition and the different states it was issued, visit Heavenly Monkey Press: